Meet Our Founder

This young Interior Architectural Designer is not easy to pigeonhole. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Juris Doctor in Law and a Masters of Science in Interior Architecture + Design, Tina is no stranger to the ideas of growth and change. Tina is attempting to build a bridge between business interests and creative concerns. She strives to develop an understanding of her clients and the spaces that are to be transformed for them. While doing this, Tina focuses her design ideas on the increased awareness and the possibility of socially responsible sustainable design and has been inspired by this greater sense of purpose in architectural activism. She believes that the benefits of design should be available to everyone and has an interest in doing work that has an impact on the lives of her clients as well as a greater impact on the community where possible.

Tina’s previous working experiences have instilled in her dedication to excellence and insistence on forward thinking design. She takes inspiration from nature, art and sculpture and constantly draws upon her living experiences in Rome and travel experiences throughout Europe. However, beauty alone is not enough for this entrepreneur. She believes that when transforming a space, a sense of harmony must be created, which in essence is beauty and respect together. It is elegance expressed in the purest of forms.

Tina has a history of creating fresh, sleek, natural and yet edgy interiors with an emphasis on simple details. She is dedicated to creating elegant, versatile and functional design solutions for a variety of spaces including the home, workspace and commercial interiors such as restaurant and retail spaces. At the forefront of her design is the idea that our spaces have the ability to transform our lives. To this end Tina believes that design serves fantasy and reality equally well, both of which are necessary to get through the uncertain times that lie ahead. She is looking to move us, inspire us to see, think and create freely.

Tina's work connects with people on an emotional level – through brands, places, and experiences. From local startups to global chains, neighborhood restaurants to city blocks, her work is visionary yet relevant, innovative yet authentic. Tina works together with industry experts that help lead clients down uncommon paths to uncommonly great success.

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