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Design Philosophy

Dream. Design. Build. Furnish.

Creating healing environments has always been a passion for Tina. She designs for the health and wellness industry. Specializing in designing retreat spaces, this talented designer also designs spaces for spas, salons, fitness centers, yoga and pilates studios. She designs spaces for clients seeking to live healthier, more rewarding and sustainable lifestyles.

At the heart of Tina's passion is her unwavering enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition. This former pilates instructor's design philosophy is rooted in achieving unity of mind, body and spirit.

Tina's approach in her fitness and nutritional regimen comes from the belief in achieving goals and challenging limits. She strives to train hard and become the best that she can be. Tina takes this approach and implements it in designing spaces for her clients.

I am very passionate about transforming interiors into healing environments, whether it is a retreat space or a private residence. Knowing that I have the ability to impact someone's life in this way, directly or indirectly is about as rewarding as it gets. - Tina

Each of Tina's projects includes one or more of the following spaces: Resting, Nesting, Reflecting, Nourishing and Cleansing. Each of these is conceptual in nature…resting is a feeling of peace, mental or emotional tranquility. Nesting is a place of refuge, a place of comfort. Reflecting is the idea of taking in information and pondering over it. Cleansing is played out not only in the rituals of bathing but also in clearing the mind. Nourishing is the promotion of growth, as in nourish the mind, nourish the body, nourish the spirit.

The retreat is a place for relaxing and escaping from life's chaos, a place for rejuvenation and connecting with your inner creative spirit, a place for the individual to reconnect with the soul's path....a still point in a turning world. - Tina